Financial Restoration Can Be The Answer


Who is Elite Document Management Solutions (EDMS)?

The majority of our specialists have experienced some type of financial hardship during their lives so they can 100% relate to the struggles of our clients. Elite Document Management Solutions combines a variety of solutions for consumers who are experiencing financial challenges. All of our clients have unique financial situations and we provide them with different alternatives to help them navigate the challenges of dealing with them. We pride ourselves on providing the consumers with “a light at the end of the tunnel” by utilizing our Debt relief proprietary methods and our vast experience. We carefully review all of your information for clarity and accuracy to ensure that every detail on your documentation is correct, and help you fully understand the entire process. We educate our clients and help them navigate the complex process to achieve maximum success. Our client success stories help support our daily mission to protect the consumer.

Credit Monitoring

The EDMS team provides our clients with 24/7 credit monitoring & alerts to keep them aware of the changes and updates on their credit report while providing customized information and insight about how those reported items affect their overall score. Credit monitoring alerts are programed to continuously monitor and detect any possible errors or warning signs of identity theft on your credit report. This system is very robust and helps to safeguard your identity in addition to the credit report monitoring.

EDMS has customized tools, an educational approach, and proven technology to guide our client’s as necessary in order to provide the best chance at maximing their score and accomplishing their credit goals.


Financial Restoration

We recognize that each and every one of our clients has very unique set of circumstances and a variety of long term goals. Regardless of your situation, we can help. Some people might be so consumed by their situation that they don’t know where to turn for help…and that is where EDMS can be that lifeline.

People that are drowning in credit card or medical debt face a difficult future and unless you have a partner that knows your rights and how to navigate the waters…it will be a challenging time. The good news is that you are NOT ALONE….millions of people struggle with financial hardship but only some of them decide to get professional assistance like our Financial Restoration program. There are many scenarios and WE CAN HELP with almost all of them…we do it every day. Our team has over 100 years collectively of experience working with consumers who are struggling with debt related challenges. The EDMS team will help you create short and long term goals based on your unique situation.

The typical EDMS client is a melting pot of different people. Retired, young, middle age, a victim of a life event like divorce, death, loss of employment are just some examples of the people that we support on a daily basis. We recognize the importance of having a stable financial situation and we can provide a helping hand to help lift people up and out of their unique situation. We would really like the opportunity to support you in achieving your financial goals and dreams.


What do we offer?

Elite Document Management Services offers a Comprehensive Financial Restoration Program in conjunction with a “best in class” Credit Monitoring Platform. We completely understand that every single consumer has a different set of circumstances with unique goals. All of our programs are tailored and unique for each client. We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable staff, who speak with each and every client as frequently as possible. We take these efforts seriously to ensure we fully comprehend the situation of each consumer is fully understood and the goals of each consumer are crystal clear. We strive maximize your time by having an extremely efficient process

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